For people with food intolerances, Harry’s in Bondi is a godsend. The cafe prides itself on having a spread of menu items that taste great without sugar, dairy or gluten. The focus at Harry’s is on food with the greatest possible health benefits – that means putting fresh ingredients at the centre of its breakfast and lunch options.

Now, in partnership with Broadsheet and Weet-Bix, owner Chris Karvelos adds a summer-ready smoothie (without added sugar or dairy) for busy mornings.

“Smoothies aren’t a meal replacement, but they do fill you up when you’ve got a busy day ahead of you,” Karvelos says. “We thought, why don’t we try and progress the idea of a smoothie to be something much healthier than a treat, so you can get as many nutrients as possible.”

So what goes in? Activated nuts for protein and iron; Weet-Bix for fibre; medjool dates and a banana for sweetness and vitamins; and to garnish, some maple and dates.

Karvelos was inspired by long weekends, the Australian lifestyle and everyone’s milk-bar favourite – Up & Go. “We wanted to highlight the flavours of the ingredients and make a true-blue smoothie,” Karvelos says.

The new limited-edition smoothie will be on the menu for the rest of summer. Here’s the recipe to try at home.

Harry’s summer smoothie

Put the following ingredients in a blender and blend well.

1 frozen banana
1 Hi-Bran Weet-Bix
80g medjool dates
30g activated macadamias
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Pinch chai spice
200ml house-made almond-macadamia milk

To garnish:
Chopped macadamias
Crushed Hi-Bran Weet-Bix
Dates, roughly chopped
Pinch chai spice
Drizzle of maple

2/136 Wairoa Avenue, Bondi Beach