Imagine if your local suddenly stopped its happy hour. It was this harrowing experience that inspired an idea.

“12 years ago, when I was a student, our local suddenly stopped their daily happy hour,” says Chris Canty, the founder of The Happiest Hour. “We spent the next 30 minutes looking for specials with no luck. That was then I decided something should be done.”

The Happiest Hour website tells you where you can find happy hours or similar details based on time and location. Canty was joined by Karl Kopp in 2012. He looks after the technological side of things. Now the duo has released an updated app to ensure you’ll never face the same problem they did.

Happy hours can get a bad wrap – the worst wine in the pub served with an unpopular meal. “The days of a cheap, processed parma and domestic beer are long gone for us,” says Canty. “We want a free-range bird with parma ham, and a beer from a local craft brewery. We would rather support a family business than a board of directors,” says Canty.

Five-dollar pints of craft beer at The Riverview Hotel Balmain, or three-dollar pizzas at Cafe Lounge in Surry Hills are a couple of recommendations.

The app allows you to choose from a bank of 1200 locations based on your needs. Whether you’re after food, cocktails or coffee, a list or a map of places, based on proximity and the best deal, will appear.

You can save your favourite locations – so if it’s your turn to pick where to eat, you’ll have an inventory of places up your sleeve.