With the amount of great bars Sydney has to offer, it’d be rude not to make the most of them and stay late for that extra round. When the next morning rolls around, you’ll be seriously craving some greasy goodness.

We know exactly what you need. From doughnuts to barbeque, we’ve rounded up the best openings this year that serve food to ease a hangover. You can thank us later.

Little Lost Bread at Devon on Danks

One of our favourite openings this year, Devon on Danks serves some decadent French toast that is perfect for soothing a hangover. The Little Lost Bread is a delicious combination of strawberries and cheesecake ice cream with biscuits crumbled all over. You can add bacon, which is a no-brainer. The Waterloo cafe also serves Single O blend brews.

Cloud 9 smoothie at Venus Café

This heavenly banana smoothie has definitely saved people’s days before. Just off Bourke Street, this Surry Hills eatery is a perfect spot to take a moment and rejuvenate. We’d recommend going off menu and adding an espresso shot or even some peanut butter to the smoothie to give yourself an extra boost.

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The Bronx at 5 Points Burgers

We couldn’t have a hangover tour that didn’t include at least one burger. With the 5 Points signature, The Bronx, you’ll get a grilled beef pattie, double cheese, pickles, bacon, tomato sauce, aioli, onion jam, mustard and iceberg lettuce.

A Classic at Bloody Mary’s

It’s almost like this new bar is designed for a hungover. You can get a range of spirits with your homemade tomato juice concoction, but we recommend sticking with the Classic – a Bloody Mary with Ketel One Vodka. If you’re up for some grub, you can also grab a Hangover Cure breakfast with baked beans, bacon, chorizo and a poached egg.

Lasagne jaffle at Tartine

A pasta dish in a toastie? This is all kinds of genius. The Mascot joint has been getting plenty of attention since it opened its doors earlier this year. Serving a mixed menu of French-style open sandwiches and jaffles, this casual eatery should definitely be on your tour of recovery.

Handsome Mike at Surly's

The barbeque kings at Surly’s know all about hangovers. Because they serve some amazing cocktails, they’re probably responsible for quite a few. They also whip up some smoky barbeque plates that are perfect for soaking up the alcohol. The Handsome Mike, a slow-smoked barbeque brisket is also smothered in mac’n’cheese for a double-whammy of indulgence.

Chocolate milkshake at Boscage

Known for its iced teas and cold-press juices made in-house, this new Bourke Street cafe definitely earns its place on this list. The gang at Boscage has a no-syrup policy, so the shake is made with coverture dark chocolate, which gives it a creamy flavor. Settle down and sip away in one the cosy corners, you’ll feel better in no time.

Doughnuts from Smalltown

These tasty, doughy treats are on sale every weekend, with different flavours each week which have in the past included chocolate peanut and the vanilla-rose dusted with freeze-dried strawberry. They sell out pretty quickly, so chuck on your sunnies and head down to Avalon. It’ll be worth it.

Loukaniko souvlaki at Kerasma Souvlaki

Just a stone’s throw away from Newtown station, this Cyprian restaurant has more than enough meat, pita and cheese to ease your pain. You can build your own souvlaki (skewered meats with vegetables and bread) but we reckon the loukaniko is the best for beating a hangover. The cured sausages are matured in red wine, a little hair-of-the-dog addition to your meal.