More than 50 chefs will gather at Carriageworks this Friday night for the annual winter instalment of the popular Carriageworks Night Market.

Last year the mammoth food event was curated by Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz (Porteño, Bodega) but this time around James Viles, of Bowral’s Biota, has selected the line-up of chefs, distillers, farmers and producers.

This year’s theme is “Wild”, which Vile says is about encouraging people to think about where they’re sourcing their ingredients from – and not to waste any of it. He believes this cultivates respect for what we eat, and fosters a connection with the outdoors and Mother Nature. He’s briefed producers on using seasonal, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients – a premise that reflects his approach at Biota, where he uses produce sourced from the Southern Highlands region in NSW.

“To me ‘wild’ means many things – it’s about being at one with nature, about being a listener and about respecting the natural wonders of this great land,” he tells Broadsheet. “Those wonders come in many forms, from the ocean to freshwater streams, to the plants and animals. I live my life according to this notion, I need this to fuel inspiration in what I do as a cook, a husband and a father.”

Viles has brought in the big guns for his market, including Josh Niland (Saint Peter, Fish Butchery), Andy Bowdy (Saga), A1 Canteen, Boon Cafe, Continental Deli and Rising Sun Workshop.

Here, he offers his top tips on what to see, taste and do at the 2019 winter market.

Mark La Brooy (Three Blue Ducks)
“Mark will be hosting a masterclass on wild-deer field-butchery and dressing, as well as salami-making. Mark and I are hunting a deer for the evening. Also get over to the Three Blue Ducks for their wild-goat curry, I’ve eaten this before at Mark’s wedding ... definitely worth a visit.”

Matt Stone (Oakridge Estate, Victoria)
“Matt will be giving a talk on wild edible plants that grow in abundance throughout Australia. His knowledge and passion for the uses of these is infectious, I can’t wait to see some of these.”

“I can’t wait to try the Hartsyard barbequed wild-boar skewers with tomato vinegar and fried bread, and their signature fried cheese.”

“Go and see the team from Marta – it’s winter and their famous wild-boar ragu is on the menu. Run.”

A real hide
“Part of using the entire animal is not only using the meat and the organs, but also the pelt. Katrina Sparke from Redleaf Farm is an avid hunter and tans all her own hides. She'll be talking about whole-animal cookery and about her farm in the Southern Highlands.”

Tharwa Valley Forge
“Tharwa Forge, from Tharwa in the ACT, is a father-and-daughter team of bladesmiths. They'll be demonstrating the art of making the perfect blade.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the guys from Wildflower are going to bring – I might need a strong drink after the event has finished.”

LP’s Quality Meats
“One of my favourite go-to places in Sydney, I really love these guys.”

The Pines Kiama
“Last year I tasted some of their gelato infused with strawberry gum it was unforgettable.”

The Carriageworks Winter Night Market is on Friday July 19.