Scott Clark and Elise Honeybrook’s passion for doughnuts began in America and Canada. Knowing they wouldn’t be able to get them in Australia, the pair ate as many doughnuts as they could while they were there. Then they started an online, delivery-only doughnut operation, Grumpy Donuts in Sydney in July 2015.

Now the pair has announced their first store, which will also serve coffee, in Camperdown.

They began Grumpy Donuts in the tiny kitchen of their Annandale townhouse, so the couple is excited to finally expand into a proper kitchen. But the actual store will be intimate and cosy, with only enough seats for nine people at a time.

The doughnuts are US-style, with fluffy, light dough and sweet glazes. The two most popular orders online so far have been the Choc Oreo Peanut Butter made with dark-chocolate glaze, crushed Oreos and peanut-butter drizzle. And the Maple Bacon Bar, a hearty doughnut rectangle with brown-sugar icing, pure maple syrup and maple-candied crispy bacon.

Currently Grumpy Donuts delivers on Thursdays and Fridays only, and payments must be made by the Tuesday prior. But with this new store, you can have them whenever you make it to the store.

Grumpy Donuts is slated to open later this month.

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