The Grumpy Baker, aka owner-operator Michael Cthumer, chose the location for his newest bakery after noticing a gap in the food market that was begging to be filled. “There were no artisan bakeries there,” says Cthumer, referring to the new location on Deepwater Road in Castle Cove, “we wanted to give them something they don’t have.”

The opening of The Grumpy Baker’s other location in Vaucluse followed the same pattern a few years ago, the suburb not traditionally known for its food scene. No doubt locals, and those visiting the Castle Cove area, are happy that Cthumer likes to break new ground and set up shop in unexpected and unchartered places.

On the menu at The Grumpy Baker is a large selection of sourdough with options such as kibble rye, spelt rye and malt, roast garlic and olive, organic carrot, pumpernickel or walnut and fig. Good old bakery favourites haven’t been forgotten either; croissants, pastries, muffins, cheese sticks and of course pies and sausage rolls are available too. For something more substantial, try an oven-baked omelette with mint or feta, shakshuka or corn fritters with smoky relish and crisp prosciutto.

Where one ventures, others tend to follow. Hopefully the opening of The Grumpy Baker will be the start of a flourishing food scene for Castle Cove. So far it seems that the area has welcomed the bakery – the name of which comes from Cthumer’s wife, who thinks he is a little on the grumpy side – with open arms.

The Grumpy Baker
16 Deepwater Road, Castle Cove
(02) 9882 2720

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