Ramzey Choker has always wanted to recreate the carefree days of his childhood at a family farm in rural New South Wales. The BBQ, Soda Barn and Pizza Silo, all located in the open-air garden at The Grounds, are inspired by days spent eating good food with family, and roaming outside in the fresh air.

“I wanted to bring out the inner child in everyone,” says Choker.

The BBQ is enormous. The concept started with the simple idea of family-style barbeques in the garden. What was once an operation using a $200 barbecue from Bunnings is now a behemoth of meat-charring perfection. The venue pumps out dishes such as buttermilk chicken and The Big Cheese Burger with secret sauce and patties made from meat ground every morning.

The Soda Barn is kitted out like an old-fashioned milk bar with a grown-up twist. In addition to soda, beer and cocktails are on tap.

The Unicorn Soda is the signature drink and references old-fashioned milkshakes by pumping up the colour and sugar content. This confection is made from strawberry and rainbow ice-cream topped with whipped cream, melted chocolate, sprinkles, fairy floss, meringue and a lollipop.

Like the double pizza ovens Choker’s dad fired up regularly in their back garden, the Pizza Silo runs twin wood-fire ovens imported from Italy. A simple favourite, the traditional Middle Eastern za’atar pizza is reimagined as the Garden Thyme Pizza. It comes with crusted thyme, sesame seeds and mixed herbs.

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BBQ at The Grounds
Mon to Thu 9am–3.30pm
Sat & Sun 8am–3.30pm

Soda Barn at The Grounds
Thu & Fri 10am–3.30pm
Sat & Sun 8am–3.30pm

Pizza Silo at The Grounds
Thu & Fri 10am–3.30pm
Sat–Sun 8am