The Grounds will break new ground, literately. Creative entrepreneur Ramzey Choker and coffee guru Jack Hanna have announced they’re opening in the Lower North Shore. Despite the distance, the North Shore site isn’t so different to what we’ve seen in Alexandria. “We found a similarity in opportunities to what we found in Alexandria four years ago,” says Choker. But when it comes to the menu and the overall theme, forget everything you know.

The new 4000-metre-square space will have a Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Ancient Roman feel. “The new site is a blank canvas and it gives us the opportunity to create what we believe the world is missing,” he says. “We love creating beautiful venues that are totally unique and different; I believe we’ve been lost in the commercial world of concrete and we want to bring meaning back in a beautiful, green city.”

The original Alexandria chefs will create the menu, but to a different brief.

While details of the actual location are scant (the owners have been in back-to-back meetings all day finalising the concept) what we do know is these grounds will be lush and green, and will also house a state-of-the-art roastery and nursery.

Opening four years ago, The Grounds of Alexandria has become one of Sydney's most popular eateries. The sprawling inner-Sydney cafe and coffee roastery is the first thing any local tells any visitor to do when they land in Sydney.

The site is located close to the Royal North Shore Hospital. Stay tuned for further information.