Since opening in April 2012, The Grounds of Alexandria has become as culturally indispensable as the Harbour Bridge. Located in the trade suburb of Alexandria, it’s flourished into an urban oasis, with a garden, atrium and fountain. It’s home to on-site coffee roasting, freshly baked pastries and pet pig Kevin Bacon, who you can even watch on Kev-Cam. (Don’t tell Kev he’s living on the former site of a Four’N Twenty pie factory).

Now The Grounds will expand further. Creative entrepreneur Ramzey Choker and coffee guru Jack Hanna are about to break new ground, announcing that they’re opening in the Lower North Shore.

While details of the new site are scant (the owners have been in back-to-back meetings all day finalising the concept) what we do know is that these grounds will be lush and green, and will feature a nursery.

The site is located close to the Royal North Shore Hospital. Stay tuned for further information.

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