Since they began brewing in early 2012 the guys behind The Grifter Brewing Company, Glenn Wignall, Trent Evans and Matt King, have been a bit nomadic. Although they own brewing tanks, the popularity of their beers has meant they have struggled to keep up with demand. Based at Young Henrys in Newtown and working late at night after their brewers have packed up (and mostly gone home), The Grifter has been borrowing tanks around town to make ends meet.

That was until Young Henrys upgraded its own equipment. That’s when The Grifter Brewing Company, as King says, “Got their shit together.” Just like when your older sibling turned 13 and got a mountain bike, and you got their old BMX, the Grifter purchased the retired brewing tanks from Young Henrys and will soon go into full production mode. All the team needs now is its own space, which looks like it will happen in mid 2015. Then we’ll see a Grifter tasting room opening up.

The new equipment doesn’t mean the boys will be increasing production greatly, but rather that they will have a proper core range so you’ll be seeing their brews on more taps around Sydney. King says the plan is to make more special, limited-run beers. The next special beer, The Southern Lord XPA, “Is somewhere between an IPA and a Pale Ale,” says King, and will be launched on Thursday December 18 at The Grifter’s monthly pool competition at Surry Hills haunt, The Cricketers Arms.