With the rejuvenation of Hartsyard now all sorted, owners Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart have turned their attention to their bar up the road, The Gretz.

And it’s had a dramatic change in style. The Enmore Road venue will reopen later this month as more of a casual eatery than a bar, called Wish Bone, and will serve Hartsyard’s famous fried chicken and the soft-serve it built its reputation on. There will also be poutine, pre-batched cocktails, Bourbon slushies and tinnies.

But it’s the collaboration behind the bar’s concept that’s caught our attention.

The restaurateurs have new business partners; they’re collaborating with the guys behind one of Australia’s biggest Youtube success stories, Mighty Car Mods.

Marty Mulholland and Blair Joscelyne launched Mighty Car Mods in 2005 and it has since amassed more than 450 million views online for its car-related tutorials. They’ve also been on the Discovery Channel, feature on Qantas’s inflight entertainment, and have worked on campaigns with Hollywood franchises The Fast and the Furious, Transformers and Mad Max: Fury Road. Now, for the first time, the digital duo is dipping into hospitality.

“We’ve known Gregory and Naomi for almost 10 years,” says Mulholland. “He’s a big Mighty Car Mods fan and we are regular diners at Hartsyard. A couple of years ago we started working together on a DIY cooking video series together, where for once we were behind the camera and Gregory was the host.”

The pair will assist with the bar’s redesign, which will incorporate elements from the motoring world. For example, a “wishbone” suspension will be used to support the tables, and the fast-service venue will have a colour scheme inspired by the pair’s favourite Duco colour: Nissan 240Z white.

Wish Bone is slated to open in The Gretz space at the end of April.