Richard Magney and Nadia Watson are the co-founders of Botanica, a new Sydney-based, hand-crafted, cold-pressed green juice company with a big vision for improving the health and vitality of Australians.

“We were wearing suits, living in a very corporate world and there was this force of inertia of wanting to be entrepreneurs yet wanting to live a healthier lifestyle,” says Magney.

Launched in May this year, Botanica offers over 14 juices and nut milks. Making waves around the world due to their unique juicing process, cold pressed juices are a methodology. By using no heat, they are able to keep alive the important minerals and antioxidants essential for cell replenishment in the juicing process.

“The real benefit of cold-pressing is that it keeps the kidney and liver clean, it gives you strength and energy to keep your organs honest,” says Magney.

Consider Botanica’s Kale Mary, the mother of green juices, made with 74 per cent kale with broccoli, rhubarb, Brussels sprouts and lemon. Or the Turtle Power with kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, green apple and lemon.

Botanica is not out to be a health crusader, but rather a promoter of a lifestyle. “It’s about being able to get out of bed and not feel sick at the thought of having a green juice,” says Magney.

After meeting the godfather of cold-pressed juices in California, Magney and Watson returned to Australia with a focus on being 100 per cent organic and chemical free. By using food co-ops and local farmers, they’re going back to microeconomics focusing on community supported agriculture.

Delivering to corporate-types in the city and recently established accounts Rushcutters restaurant and Harris Farm markets, Botanica juices are pressed-to-order. They see themselves as “the milkman’s cousin”, delivering fresh, chilled, pure products.

Their flagship retail store will be opening this summer on Bourke Street, Surry Hills and will include a coffee bar and probiotic yoghurt station. And a new, bigger factory in Alexandria will feature a cellar door.