For many of us, the crinkle of aluminium wrappers is the soundtrack to our Easter mornings. But eggs in their savoury form are being reinvented all over Sydney to be enjoyed all year round for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From scrambled in kimchi to served in consommé, we've found the city's most inventive egg dishes.

Poached eggs with charred corn and ham hock consommé at Yellow
Slow-cooked eggs prove that good things come to those who wait. Chef and co-owner of Yellow, Brent Savage, has made an art out of his silky 63-degree eggs. “They’re cooked at 63 degrees for one hour in the shell. Then they’re just popped out. The egg white and yolk cook at the same rate, so you end up with a really soft egg, but the entire egg is soft as opposed to just the yolk,” says Savage. “The textures are fantastic and it has great flavour. We only started doing breakfast a year ago and it’s become a signature dish.”

Breakfast with the Sakumas at Devon Café
Asian-style breakfasts are popping up on menus all over the city, and leading the movement is Zachary Tan, chef and owner of Devon Cafe with this Japanese-inspired dish. Breakfast with the Sakumas features roasted salmon; potato noodles; clam and miso butter; and a 63-degree egg. “You have a perfectly cooked, set egg white and the egg yolk is still runny. The dish works because the ingredients are based on the traditional Japanese breakfast, which is usually grilled salted salmon with rice and a soft egg,” says Tan. “We’re reinventing the ingredients and modernising it slightly for a cafe setting.”

Kimchi scrambled eggs at Paramount Coffee Project
Responsible for adding her flair to everything from poutine to fried chicken, there’s no hiding Korean-Aussie head chef Heaven Kim’s culinary agenda. Head barista at Paramount Coffee Project Dylan Johnson says, “There’s a few Asian-inspired dishes currently on the menu, so it fits into that concept.” Kimchi is fried then folded through scrambled eggs. The dish is garnished with spring onions and black sesame.

Bosphorus Benedict at Rustic Pearl
This Turkish cafe in Surry Hills is home to what may be some of the most dressed-up eggs in Sydney. The luxurious addition of char-grilled bay lobster lifts this otherwise simple eggs-Benedict dish above others. Two soft-poached eggs sit atop crunchy buns topped with smashed avocado, pop-in-your-mouth bay lobster and buttery hollandaise, made even more complex with coriander and chilli.
415 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Poke Poke at Showbox Coffee Brewers
Ever the retro icon, tuna tartare gets a tropical makeover at this Manly cafe with its elegant version of the Japanese-inspired, Hawaiian raw-fish salad, poke, finished with a soft egg on top. For health nuts, this dish ticks all the boxes; a bowl of nutty, mixed rice served with fresh edamame, carrot, coriander, salmon sashimi, pickled ginger, a wobbly egg and a single slice of chilli on top for some heat.

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