The little bakery that made its name in Collector (a small town between Sydney and Canberra) before opening a store in Alexandria, has opened its third store in Rosebery. Grandma’s (of Grandma’s Little Bakery fame) opened in January and serves signature shakshuka, house-baked sweet treats and savoury pastries. It also does healthy take-home frozen meals.

The space is bursting at the seams with planters of fresh herbs and there is an open kitchen filled with huge pots and tubs of sesame seeds. Wooden picnic tables extend out into the street.

“Whatever we can produce ourselves, we do,” says owner Dana Kvatinsky. “The site found us. We do the pastries and frozen meals for people with no time. It’s a home-style cooking and baking concept.” Just like the Alexandria bakery, menus come by way of a tablet.

The Pita Project is front and centre at the Rosebery site, with wholemeal flatbreads stuffed with chicken, shakshuka, vegetables or beef ragout. If you’re lucky it might be baking its famous cookies while you sip your coffee (a house blend), smoking the beef, or filling the space with the delicious aroma from the barbeque. Or you can get the much-loved house bagels with olives and labne before grabbing a tub of cookies to take home.

Grandma’s at Rosebery
19 Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery
(02) 9690 0069

Opening Hours
Daily 7am–4pm

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