Childhood friends, Vuong Nguyen and Anthony Tuong, along with business partner Ed Arthy, have cottoned on to the rise of dairy alternatives and are behind Inside Out Nutritious Goods.

Nguyen and Tuong started with a juice and smoothie stall at the Northern Beaches Markets, and began adding almond milk to their mix. The first time they made almond milk at home was a tedious experience – 17 bottles took four hours – but when they sold out in 20 minutes the next day, Nguyen remembers thinking, “Holy shit, we have to do something with this.” And that they did. With a background in nutrition and dietetics, Nguyen did the research while Tuong and Arthy's degrees in commerce law helped them crunch the numbers behind the scenes.

Inside Out’s almond milk is low in sodium, high in good fats and dietary fibre, and packed full of vitamin E, which is great for your skin. The almonds are sourced from South Australian growers, and the milk is made fresh in Ingleburn NSW. High-pressure processing is used to make the almond milk, a method which evenly applies pressure the equivalent to six times the deepest parts of the sea in order to kill food-borne pathogens and bacteria. Unlike most almond milks, which use UHT to heat treat the milk, HPP doesn’t impair the freshness, flavour, texture or nutritional quality. “We’re catering for the health-conscious and creating a quality version of what’s available in the market,” says Tuong.

The result is a smooth and subtly nutty almond milk. As well as being stocked in Harris Farm Markets, Thomas Dux and AboutLife, local cafes love it for its diverse uses and ability to froth well for coffee (an almond-milk cappuccino is an “al-pacino”). Long-time supporter Ruby’s Diner uses the almond milk in a super-food muffin, as well as in its coffee, Prana Chai and Monkey Magic smoothie (banana, chia seeds, dates and cinnamon).

Take your pick of Original or Unsweetened Almond Milk, and look out for other nutritious goods by Inside Out Nutritious Goods, such as different almond-milk flavours and coconut milk for summer.

Inside Out Nutritious Goods’ stockists are listed on their website at, or check them out at the Northern Beaches Markets and Bondi Farmers Markets.

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Special thanks to Ruby's Diner for the use of their location for this story.