Caique Ponzoni, owner and founder of Naked Foods, opened the store in Bondi Junction in early March, selling organic and locally sourced products by the gram. “There’s no packaging so the product is naked. You can buy as little or as much as you want. 10 grams, five grams,” he says. “People come here and buy one walnut. It they just want a little snack, that’s ok!” Naked Foods supplies containers and jars but are just as happy for you to bring your own.

With 600 different products, the shop can at first seem overwhelming. But with well-labelled goods, friendly staff and in-store nutritionists, the experience is relaxed and informative. “We always have a nutritionist on board. It’s really good because you get to talk to a real person and understand what you’re buying,” says Ponzoni.

“We get a lot of people walking in with recipes, and they can buy the exact quantities that they need,” he continues. “It’s not just about selling organic products like any other supermarket does. It’s selling the right thing for the person.”

Naked Foods stocks organic and locally sourced nuts, beans, lentils, dried fruits, jams, flours and rice, spices, teas and a variety of snacks such as carob coated popcorn. There is also fresh-roasted almond butter to purchase straight from the glossy churning machine. Alongside the vast array of edible ingredients, Naked Foods also stocks a range of non-edible products such as shampoos, flowers, oils, and soaps.

Naked Foods also has a web store and stalls the Hornsby, Parramatta, Bondi Beach and Lane Cove farmers’ markets.

The people at Naked Foods believe food should be consumed as close as possible to the way they are produced in nature. Combining the relaxed atmosphere of the store with a serve-yourself set-up and info straight from nutritionists, you can see why people are switching from the usual commercial supermarkets.

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Naked Foods
Shop 7, 310 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction
(02) 9387 4935

Mon - Sat 9am to 6pm
Sun 10am to 5pm