Toby Wilson’s six-month lease at Dixon House food court ends in June, but he’s got plans to keep Ghostboy Cantina moving. His taqueria, which melds Asian ingredients with Mexican taco styling, will take up residence in a Surry Hills bar in September.

“They basically offered us a residence in the bar and we thought it might be cool to get out of the basement for a bit,” says Wilson. Who “they” are remains on the down-low for now, but the plan is to open in mid to late July at the new venue.

Wilson’s “nomadic taqueria” will offer a few tacos and sides, as the current venue does, and provide inspiration for a remodelled bar menu. “It will be slightly different but in the same vein,” he says.

Ghostboy’s last few weeks are packed, featuring all of Wilson’s and his customers’ favourite tacos alongside new tacos, sides and fries by guest chefs, such as Mike West (RyuGin in Tokyo), Hugh Piper (Two Chaps and Fleetwood Macchiato) and Ben Abiad (Mecca Alexandria). “I get the opportunity to work with a different chef every couple of weeks, which is pretty awesome,” says Wilson.

The change is exciting, Wilson says, but the experience in Chinatown has been something else again. “I think one of the most important things for someone who cooks is to taste as many things as they can and expand the palate; it’s been cool, especially as I transitioned from working predominantly in cafes to doing more of a lunch–dinner thing,” he says.

“No regrets. It was good fun. And it still is.”

Ghostboy Cantina’s last day of service at Dixon House food court is June 27. Check back for details of its new location on Broadsheet soon.