Over at The Cocktail Revolution, we’re keeping out the cold with some creative new ways to keep toasty: mulled cider, espresso martinis and creamy cocktails. We’re also taking advantage of some of Australia’s lush winter produce with a blood orange mulled wine.

Christmas in July Christmas in summer is an inherently strange idea, so winter is the perfect time to kick off a second round of celebrations with some warm drinks: think hot toddies and mulled cider.

A Creamy Cocktail Chocolate, coffee, nutmeg and hazelnut – the flavours of winter all appear in this comforting cocktail. It’s aided, of course, by a good splash of vodka.

Blood Orange Mulled Wine The blood orange is one of the finest winter fruits. Celebrate the cold season with a spicy, sweet blood orange mulled wine.

Absinthe Absinthe is the subject of more myths and legends than any other spirit, but how should it really be enjoyed? We give you the lowdown.

Coffee Cocktails The espresso martini is a perennial favourite, but this extra creamy variation is something else altogether.