“I think classes are an amazing way to get people to understand the story behind their food,” says Kate Walsh. “And it’s a great chance to meet the artisans behind it all. These are the best food makers.”

Walsh is one of the driving forces behind Real Food Projects – a community of “friends, chefs, growers, foragers, butchers, eaters and farmers” who are passionate about making real food from scratch, with an eye for the ethical, sustainable and local produce – and she’s thrilled by the crop of talent that has come onboard to share their secrets in the upcoming schedule of Real Food classes. It’s Real Food’s second round of cooking classes after a successful debut earlier this year, and this time it features a program of 20 classes. [fold]

“Every person I called to invite to [run] the classes for us – and there’s a lot of them – not one person said no. Everyone is really excited to be involved.”

Starting from July 1, the classes will feature specialists in everything from jam making (thanks to Jam Bandits) to beef jerky making (with Griffin Jerky) and sausage making (with Feather and Bone). Everyone involved identifies as an artisan whose personal values align with the ethics of Real Food.

“Real Food is…fostering the sustainable food movement in Sydney. Hooking up with producers we getting to know what they do, and they get to share their stories,” says Walsh of the thriving project, which has hosted everything from pop-up food stores to catering and supper clubs.

“Real Food is about building a community that celebrates seasonal, local and ethical food. These people are a big part of the community and movement, and it’s growing everyday.”

As a result there’s been huge support for the Real Food classes right off the bat. “Sausage making sold-out pretty quickly because the Feather and Bone guys are really well known for their commitment to the sustainable and for being amazing butchers. But all the classes are selling really fast, from scones to butter and tortilla making. It’s just showing that people really want to get their hands dirty and get skills across all areas.”

There are two types of classes on offer. “The demo classes are not hands-on, but you get to spend time with the best artisans and hear their 101 on what they do. Then there are the active classes that are hands-on and they include pastry, chocolate, butchering and bread.”

Demo classes take place at 107 Projects in Redfern, while hands-on classes are hosted at West Juliett in Enmore on Sundays, when the cafe is taking a breather.

“John [Stavropoulos, of West Juliett] said he was happy to be involved because he loves Real Food, and for us it’s one of the best cafes in Sydney and it’s such a beautiful space. They’re really supportive and it’s a great collaboration.”

And it’s these collaborations with spaces and people that allow for Real Food to present their ideas and develop programs like their new cooking classes, which are feeding the sustainable food community of Sydney. So get your apron on and learn how to cook from scratch.

Find the full list of classes here: realfoodprojects.com/

Classes will be held at the 107 Projects store: 107 Redfern Street, Redfern and West Juliett cafe in Enmore.