“A group of mates got together and started a brewery” is a sentence you’ve probably seen before. Less common is “a group of mates got together and started a brewery, got really serious about making pizza 10 years later, then decided to open their own pizzeria at said brewery”.

Enter Fortune Pizza, the hot new addition to The Grifter Brewing Co in Marrickville.

Like a lot of people, co-founders (and now pizzaiolos) Glenn Wignall and Matt King fell hard for the Gozney Roccbox a few years back.

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“We copped one each and would send each other photos of what we’d been making, followed by a lot of backyard sessions with friends and family,” Wignall tells Broadsheet. “After realising that our journey into pizza was very similar to our brewing, we felt it would tie in nicely.”

It helps that beer and pizza already have a fond relationship, he adds.

The team has since upgraded with two gas-powered Gozney Domes, and brought on head pizza chef Oscar Hazell to dial in the dough. (Wignall and King are also pulling shifts.)

In the scene of Sydney slices, Wignall says Fortune’s pizzas are best described as “neo-Neapolitan”.

“We make higher hydrated, yeasted dough that’s cooked at elevated temperatures. We don’t use wood and enjoy the freedom of using a range of ingredients, including a fair amount that’s locally sourced.”

LP’s Quality Meats and Vannella Cheese around the corner both feature on the tight-but-strong offering of six pizzas. Originals include the Green and Gold (fior di latte, pancetta, artichoke, garlic confit, oregano, parsley oil, Parmigiano-Reggiano⁠), otherwise the menu leans classic with margherita, marinara and mates.

To fire up Fortune, The Grifter is offering a “marg and a lag’” – a free schooner of lager with every margherita sold – on Fridays for a limited time.

“Two stripped-back classics that are simple, but need to be made well as they have nothing fancy to hide behind,” says Wignall of the pairing.

Fortune Pizza at The Grifter Brewing Co
1/391 Enmore Road, Marrickville

Fri 5pm–9pm
Sat 1pm–9pm
Sun 1pm 8pm