Part of the new development on High Street in North Willoughby, which promises to become a foodie hub in coming months, the team at Dose opened their doors (and huge folding glass windows) late last year, and already they’re attracting regulars, mothers groups and coffee lovers alike.

Huge cable spools act as tables, copper pipe winds down from the ceiling to fill water jugs, graffiti art covers one wall, coffee sacks act as seat covers and centre stage is the Toper roaster.

Owner Sam Gabrielian (previously a fixture on the barista champion scene as an awarded competitor and then judge) roasts under the Di Gabriel name, educating locals as he goes.

“I’ve lived in the area for a long time and having worked at and supplied many cafes in the area, I knew it well. I’ve had my eye on High Street for the last five years or so and this development ticked all the boxes,” says the coffee aficionado, pointing out that he hadn’t planned to open another cafe after previously selling one off to pursue other coffee endeavours.

“For some reason, you’ve either got it or you don’t when it comes to cafes, and unfortunately it’s in my blood,” he laughs. “I thought I’d leave it, but I couldn’t wait to do it again – and not for the money. Wholesale is definitely bigger. But I just love doing what I do.”

Dose is all about getting people into the bean. From cold drips to syphons and take home machines, this is a coffee lovers heaven. But the fun doesn’t stop there. With such a focus on the coffee, it makes sense to have food that meets the mark too. Everything here focuses on being as organic and as clean as possible, with sweets coming comes from Hippy Lane, and breakfast sandwiches of roasted eggplant or haloumi and avocado making an inviting addition to your caffeine hit. There’s also a weekly single origin to get your tastebuds into.

This is just the next step for Gabrielian, with rumours of a possible CBD café/store to follow. Suffice to say, we’d be happy to see his brand of enthusiasm for coffee spread far and wide.

Shop 6, 191 High Street, Willoughby North
(02) 9967 2552

Mon-Fri 6am–4pm
Sat & Sun 7am–3pm