Gelato Messina has answered all of our childhood prayers by bringing us the Easter egg to end all Easter eggs – an invention straight out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

After the success of the Veruca Salt in 2014, Messina has unveiled a bigger and better Veruca Salt 2.0.

Salted caramel gelato sits within a milk-chocolate eggshell, filled with a runny passionfruit-puree “yolk”. The throne-like base consists of caramelised chocolate crunch with a passionfruit mousse and passionfruit-caramel ganache. The nest is a bed of spun sugar and white chocolate “feathers”.

Messina recommends leaving the egg out of the freezer for 10 minutes before serving, so it oozes when you crack it open.

A limited quantity of these golden eggs will be on offer for $29, and will feed two to three people.

The eggs will be available for collection from April 12 to 16, with online orders open today. They can be collected from the Darlinghurst, Miranda, Parramatta, Rosebery and Newtown Messina stores.

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