For one day only (today), rideshare and taxi app Uber is doubling as an ice-cream delivery service. Uber Ice Cream Day – when a frozen treat is just a swipe away – happens in cities around the world. Even though there are only stores in Sydney and Melbourne, Messina is getting delivered to households across the nation, including Brisbane and Perth. Gelato Messina, is the ice-cream of choice in Australia. The transaction will be charged to your Uber account, the same way your Uber fare would.

Here’s how you get your ice-cream.

At 11am today, an ice-cream icon will appear on the Uber app. Click it, make sure you sign up with an account, and put in your order. They’re only delivering around the CBD and the Eastern Suburbs.

For your efforts, you’ll get a 500ml tub with three flavours in each: salted caramel, chocolate brownie and Bounty. You can order up to four tubs; the first will cost $20, and each tub after that $15. There’s no cost for delivery. If you're new to Uber, just sign up with the promo code ICECREAMMEL and you'll receive $20 off your Uber ice-cream purchase. So, in a roundabout way, it’s free ice-cream.

Uber’s Messina delivery promotion runs from 11am to 5pm on Friday July 18.