Last week, Paddington’s Saint Peter opened exclusively to just 18 Broadsheet Access members. They were visibly excited; after all, they were about to spend the next few hours learning about the basics of fish butchery from none other than seafood-specialising chef Josh Niland.

Niland has been a game changer in the way Australia thinks about fish; he pioneered practices that use as much as the fish as possible. These innovative techniques are the focus of his new book Fish Butchery, both a collection of recipes and a guide to cooking with intention.

At our exclusive masterclass and book launch, guests heard about the philosophy behind the book and watched on as Niland demonstrated some of the basics from the book.

Then, they were treated to a seven-course, seafood-centric tasting menu – drawn from the book’s recipes – with wines to match. And at the end of the night, they took a signed copy of Fish Butchery home with them.

It was one of the most intimate events Broadsheet Access has hosted – and there are plenty more on the horizon.

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