Liquid-nitrogen gelato is one magic trick we're yet to grow weary of, since becoming hooked at N2 Extreme Gelato in Sydney and Melbourne. And now you can have a liquid nitrogen gelato trolley at your party.

While working as a pharmacist, Fu Nitro’s chief gelato maker, Dennis Chan, dreamed of owning a restaurant. After attending cooking classes by Messina’s Nick Palumbo, Chan’s passion was reignited. He then turned his chemical precision to flavour experiments and decided to take on the sparse gelato-catering scene.

It didn’t take long before he was wearing his lab coat day and night, acquiring the elements and sourcing natural and local ingredients needed to concoct the Fu Nitro gelato flavours. With his mobile gelato trolley, Chan turns flavoured liquids into silky gelato in an instant. At -196° Celsius, liquid nitrogen is added to the spinning mixture followed by a theatrical cloud of vapour, perfect for light entertainment at a party.

The list of gelato flavours is influenced by Chan’s favourite meals and desserts. The selections range from coffee donut with hundreds and thousands, to balsamic strawberry and chai tea. The whacky flavours call for some niche ingredients, such as fried brioche, caramelised cornflakes and chocolate garlic crumble. Are You Cereal is made of cereal milk – made famous by Momofuku Milk Bar’s dessert chef Christina Tosi in New York – which is exactly what you imagine it is; the sugary milk left in the bowl after the cereal is gone. The nostalgic taste brings back to mind every good thing about school holidays. “I loved that when I was a kid,” says Chan.

The name Fu is taken from the Japanese word for “wind”, a character that was once part of Chan’s father’s business name. It also reads as an “F.U.” to the haters. “It’s for all those who think that just because you studied one thing you can’t do something else,” says Chan.

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