A few years back Kirin unveiled its frozen beer foam. This novelty head helped to keep the beer cold and the trend swiftly dominated draught taps Japan wide. The foam has since arrived in Australia, specifically at Potts Point’s Harajuku Gyoza. For lovers of icy-capped beverages your core temp best be ready to drop. Harajuku Gyoza has just launched a new frozen cider slushie top.

By extending its frozen range to cider, summer thirst quenching is no longer the sole privilege of beer fans. The process involves the beer being spun around a frozen rod until it reaches -13 degrees Celsius. The foam is then squelched atop your beer just like the McDonald's soft-serve cones of your youth. But unlike soft serve, this foam maintains its alcohol content. It’s also probably better for you.

Harajuku Gyoza goers have been responsive to frozen beer since its arrival earlier this year (probably because beer was involved). General manager Andrew Jeffreys is confident the cider will attract the same sort of thirsty curiosity. Jeffreys says, “Frozen cider, being seasonal, cold and cute, is the perfect drink for a hot summer’s day.” He’s hit the cider on the head. This genre of quirky consumables provides a tasty glimpse into the idiosyncrasies of Japanese pop culture. On the next Sydney scorcher, we know exactly where to go after work.

Harajuku Gyoza
19–15 Bayswater Road, Potts Point

Opening Hours
Mon to Tue 5pm-10pm
Wed to Sun 12pm-10pm