In the past, we’ve introduced some friends in the hospitality industry [who are using MyBroadsheet] presented by Mercedes-Benz. Below are a few more who work in the food industry in Sydney and Melbourne, and who have been using MyBroadsheet to save and share their favourite stories. Find out where they like to eat and drink.

Melbourne: Simon Blacher – Hanoi Hannah, Saigon Sally, Tokyo Tina
Noticing a serious lack of hawker-style food in Melbourne’s south-east, Simon Blacher along with Paul Nguyen and Nick Coulter , crafted a fresh and affordable offering from a hawker kitchen just off bustling Chapel Street. The immense popularity of the restaurant saw them opening Saigon Sally down the road and their third venture, Tokyo Tina, is coming soon. To start the day, Blacher likes Dukes Coffee Roasters and Anada is one of his favourites for dinner. Check out more of his “favourites” on his MyBroadsheet profile.

Melbourne: Tim Varney – Auction Rooms
Tim Varney knows coffee. He runs national Aeropress competitions and is director of coffee at Auctions Rooms, one of Melbourne’s favourite cafes. Auction Rooms is favoured by locals for its reasonably priced and adventurous brunch menu, but while you may come for the food, you will definitely stay for the coffee. Specialty blends are roasted on site, and the cafe offers a ‘coffee of the day’ alongside its regular variety. Where does he eat and drink when he’s had his daily caffeine intake? He’s keen to try the newly revamped Builders Arms Hotel and Attica. For a morning pastry, Lune Croissant is a favourite. To stock his wine rack, Blackhearts & Sparrows and City Wine Shop are his ‘go-tos’. To see where he heads for dinner, check out his MyBroadsheet profile.

Melbourne: Dan Hunter – Brae
Dan Hunter is Australia’s leading proponent of regional dining, celebrated for transforming Dunkeld’s Royal Mail Hotel from a practically unknown pub four hours outside of Melbourne to a widely renowned culinary Graceland. Hunter’s menus capitalise on his ability to walk into his garden and grab something for dinner that night. In his restaurant in Birregurra, he hopes to impart a sense of “grounded earthiness” to Brae’s diners. When he is back in Melbourne, his favourite restaurants to visit are Attica, Le Bon Ton and Supernormal. To see where else he visits, take a look at his MyBroadsheet profile.

Sydney: Stefano di Blasi – Salt Meats Cheese
Sydney changed when food emporium, Salt Meats Cheese opened in Alexandria, stocking every gourmet product you could dream of. It also features a mozzarella lab where you can peer through a window and watch the staff make anything, from creamy mozzarella, to dulce de leche or stuffed olives. Originally a warehouse called Casa Gusto and not open to the public, de Blasi transformed the family business into to what it is today. While Salt Meats Cheese – which has both wholesale and retail divisions – imports specialty products such as San Daniele prosciutto, truffle pecorino, DOC Balsamic and dried pasta, about 50 per cent of its stock is made in Australia. Unsurprisingly, di Blasi likes eating at Italian favourites such as gelato at RivaReno and pizza at Cipro Pizza al Taglio. His other favourites are on his MyBroadsheet profile.

Sydney: Mat Lindsay – Ester
Mat Lindsay opened Ester in 2013 in Chippendale and taught us that everything edible is bettered by the lick of a flame and a touch of wood smoke. Eighty per cent of the menu passes through its wood-fired oven, some items more than once, from blue swimmer crab to house-made sourdough, lamb belly and even the restaurant’s stocks – everything except pizza. When Lindsay goes out, he likes to keep it local in the burgeoning inner-city hub, from LP’s Quality Meats around the corner, to Mary’s in Newtown and Shady Pines Saloon in Darlinghurst. See where else he goes on his MyBroadsheet profile.

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