A question to the Mr Burger team: is this a joke?

Just two months ago, the same marketing team fooled Melbourne into thinking it was getting a “burger tram” (an April Fool’s stunt that caught out a number of publishers and a major radio station).

But marketing manager Maleik Edwards says this announcement is 100 per cent legit.

The budding Melbourne food truck and restaurant empire is giving away free burgers for life to anyone who legally changes their surname to “Burger”.


“Last week was a pretty heavy week in news, between Brexit, the election and the crazy weather. We thought this was a great way of brightening people’s day,” says Edwards.

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“It’s a bit interesting and fun, and it’s about celebrating the ridiculous things in life.”

To enter, you must:

• Change your last name to “Burger” via this application form.
• Send the Mr Burger team an email with a copy of the name-change confirmation from the Australian Government by 11.59pm on July 31.

Edwards says Mr Burger will also cover the change-of-name fee ($101.40) for anyone who actually goes through with it. There’s no cap on the number of winners.

“Burgers for life” means seven free burgers a week, forever, as long as you maintain the surname “Burger” (you’ll need ID to collect).

Unfortunately, if your surname is already Burger you can’t win this one. However, if you get in touch they’ll flick you some vouchers.

If you’re ready to head down to Melbourne and become a Burger, find the change-of-name application form here. See more details on the competition and full terms and conditions here.