Potts Point favourite Fratelli Paradiso is the latest restaurant to add a Japanese outpost (The Apollo opened a restaurant in Tokyo in June). It has announced it will open on the tree-lined Omotesando avenue in Tokyo next April.

“We’ve got a great affinity for Tokyo, myself having lived there when I was younger,” Marco Ambrosino, a partner in the venture (alongside Melburnians Enrico and Giovanni Paradiso) says. “Italian food is similar to Japanese food; very simple ingredients with lots of great seafood, and they don’t overdo it.”

There have been five or so Japanese chefs over the years at Fratelli Paradiso, including current head chef Akira Urata. Fratelli’s previous head chef, Toshi Nakayasu will lead the charge at the Tokyo 90-seater.

There will be no signs of the Italian-Japanese fusion we’ve seen at LuMi at Fratelli Paradiso Tokyo; what you see in Sydney is exactly what you’ll get there.

“We want to make it as authentic a Fratelli Paradiso experience as we can, right down to the fit-out. We’ve already spoken to our suppliers in Australia and they’ve been very forthcoming so far.”

Japan’s laxer importing structure means the wine list will be even longer and more exciting at the Tokyo branch. The selection will be curated by Fratelli and 10 William Street’s Matt Young, so you can bet on getting an education in lesser-known Italian varietals as well as more play-it-safe options. And like Potts Point, sake will also star.

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“Not because we’re in Japan, but because sake goes really well with Italian food,” Ambrosino says.

Fratelli Paradiso is slated to open in Tokyo in April 2017.