ABC Restaurant and Bar has risen from Missy French’s ashes in Potts Point. Nina Gravelis, a founding member of Fratelli Fresh (and co-owner of newly opened Benjamin and Daughters), purchased the Rockwell Crescent property in November last year. ABC Restaurant and Bar opened in January.

“It’s a comforting [space], you feel like you’ve been here before,” says Gravelis.

That’s partly because she has. Fratelli Fresh was located around the corner on Macleay Street for almost a decade. “Once we sold Fratelli [to Urban Purveyor Group last year], there was a big void,” says Gravelis. “I really missed being in the area. It was almost like Fratelli became people’s living room.”

After working side by side for a decade, former Fratelli head chef Sean Corkery has followed Gravelis back into the kitchen. Without being tied to a particular cuisine, his menu reads like a list of your favourite childhood dishes – comforting, mid-week meals.

Dates and blood plums mingle with other vibrant stone fruits in salads. House-made chicken and thyme sausages sit atop a chunky potato salad with tangy mustard. Pastas such as the rosy pink crab spaghetti with chilli and cherry tomatoes have been carried across from Fratelli. There’s also a perfect little cheeseburger with red-pepper mayonnaise and pancetta.

For dessert, try cloud-like vanilla soft serve made in-house. Toppings include popcorn, salted caramel and yellow peach.

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The wine list represents Australian varietals well, and cocktails are seasonal. Start with the ginger Margarita or the watermelon Mimosa with prosecco.

Was there apprehension braving a failed site? “It’s always nerve wracking,” says Gravelis. But, she’s reassured that if she could resurrect the failed Fratelli Fresh site around the corner, she can do it again.

The design was a mother-daughter effort. Walls stripped bare, dark wooden furniture ushered in, an exposed roof and a new, welcoming bar. We couldn’t help but draw a connection with New York’s ABC Kitchen.

“John George is one of my favourite chefs, I love his vision,” she says. “He’s got over 30 restaurants now. Our ABC is a mixture of ideas,” she says. “The idea behind the name, ABC, it’s just something that’s clean cut, easy to remember and not affiliated with a particular cuisine.”

ABC Restaurant and Bar
22 Rockwell Crescent, Potts Point
(02) 8599 4912

Mon to Sun 12pm-late.