Tough luck, Sydney. Despite reports that Petersham’s Portuguese chicken is now delivering, the news is not genuine.

A false Facebook account emerged two days ago, promising “delivery services will start the beginning of next month,” before thanking its customers for “all the support.” Several memes have also been shared across the page.

But Frango’s Charcoal Chicken confirmed to Broadsheet the Facebook page is a “fake”. The brand has maintained a quiet online presence, with no Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts, making the sudden social media appearance hard to believe.

The page, Frango’s Delivery Service, claims to provide an “unofficial” delivery service running out of the Petersham store. The page has amassed 1460 likes since it emerged two days ago, with numbers continuing to climb as people share the page across social channels.

“Just call me George from the chicken shop”, says the manager of Frango’s Petersham. He has expressed the team’s frustration at the page, after receiving calls all day.

“We don't deliver. That’s how fake it is,” he says. “We’d rather the customers come here [to Petersham] to collect it. We can’t guarantee the quality of the chicken when somebody else is delivering it.”

Frango’s Charcoal Chicken is currently considering legal action.