For someone who wakes up incredible early for the market run, Sahra Toho’s demeanour is astonishingly sunny. Toho’s new company, Foragers & Co., is a new face on the quite crowded produce home-delivery scene, but it’s one to seek out for a Friday delivery.

“It’s hard not to be inspired by [nature],” says Toho, who switched to the produce industry after years in the fashion and retail world. “There’s something really exciting about buying great produce which has a story behind it; who the farmer is, where it was grown and when it was picked.” Toho personally sources all her produce and flowers directly from local farmers. First, she starts with the season, and what’s best and fresh right now, such as broad beans, deep-purple blood oranges, pink lady apples, new-season zucchini flowers and crisp radishes from local NSW areas like Horsley Park and Liverpool.

“When choosing produce I don’t focus on little aesthetic flaws,” says Toho. “So much produce is wasted each year because it doesn't look ‘perfect’ and that makes me sick to my stomach. Nature is not meant to be picture perfect and I love it flaws and all.” Each week the contents of your produce bag will be new, but will always include a well-rounded mix of fruits, greens, herbs and in-season vegetables, plus anything interesting Toho finds. You’ll receive a weekly email letting you know what’s on offer.

Toho’s eye for the best extends to the floral side of the business, and bouquets of wild and beautifully un-styled bunches of flowers can be added to your vegetable order each week. “I love wild and natural arrangements which feel like they could have been picked from a overgrown garden, so I choose foliage and flowers with texture, colour and scent,” she says. There are native-only bunches, or Toho can also customise a bunch to your liking.

On top of personally delivering your order each Friday, pick-ups are available from the Kirribilli Markets on Saturdays. Bouquets of seasonal flowers start at $50 for a generous small bunch, $70 for medium and $100 for a large bunch plus delivery. Produce bags are $25 or $50 plus delivery.

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