Six warriors, a giant inflatable battle arena and more food than you could throw at your worst enemy. It’s a food fight, but not the kind you’re probably imagining. There’s no waste or clear winners. The fight itself will involve six ceremonially dressed “food warriors” being carried by their teams (volunteers and local school kids) on sedan chairs. Each warrior will be interviewed on their chosen food-security issue (food education; food-security policy; feeding the homeless; localisation of agriculture; preservation of plant knowledge; and nutrition), before entering the arena for three separate battles where they'll throw locally salvaged food at each other.

This is Food Fight, The Battle for Food Security, an event by Museum of Contemporary Art, C3West and Liverpool Council in south-west Sydney.

“Our aim is to raise awareness of food security, and to improve access to nutritious and affordable food,” says C3West and MCA curator Anne Loxley. Artists Diego Bonetto and Branch Nebula (Lee Wilson and Mirabelle Wouters) are running the event. “We wanted to find ways to embody ideas physically and viscerally. We want to find ideas we can explore in a real way,” says Wilson.

The food fight will be the centrepiece of an evening that also includes art-related events, each highlighting a different issue of food security. “Food heroes” (mums, local restaurant chefs and generally renowned cooks from the area) will run cooking demonstrations and prepare meals for a grand banquet. “The banquet is the second part of the food fight. There'll be a range of people, from media, to government, to people who use and work in food services, who will have a round table about food security,” says Bonetto. The discussion will be projected onto big screens for audience members to follow.

There’ll be stalls where you can either engage in food-related discussion and learn how you can help, or tuck into some goods from Knafeh Bakery, or some of Liverpool’s local restaurants.

Food Fight, the Battle for Food Security is a free event. Audience members can apply to volunteer in the food fight here.

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The event is at Bigge Park, Liverpool on Saturday April 30 from 5pm–8pm.