Backed by a successful debut here in 2014, Flour Market sets up shop in a new, larger location on the grounds of Sydney Boys High School.

“We’ve wanted to come back ever since we did the first one,” says Mark Free one of the founders of the original 2013 event. “We’re a bit bigger this year, with five or six new vendors, but we're retaining the same great stuff.”

Free says the new venue’s schoolyard asphalt will create a classic CWA bake-sale atmosphere. “We chose that particular spot because it’s quite similar to the town halls we use in Melbourne. We like that community vibe.”

Stalls from Black Star Pastry, Brickfields, Andy Bowdy and Brewtown have been confirmed, among others. Meanwhile, inter-state import Butterbing is coming from Melbourne, bringing buttercream-filled sandwich-cookies for its Sydney debut.

In 2014, the event attracted 1500 people. For those unafraid of morning starts and who are averse to lining up, the Early Riser ticket is the best option to get in first. “It’ll let you into the event 30 minutes before general admission, so you can get what you want without fear of anything selling out,” says Free.

If all goes well, Flour Market will make repeat appearances. “Roughly four times a year, seasonally,” Free says. “Fingers crossed we’ll keep them coming.”

Flour Market starts at 9am Sunday February 14 at Sydney Boys High School.