Make the most of the last few weeks of winter and try one of these sweet, rich concoctions.

Daisy’s Milkbar – Fudge Hot Chocolate
Petersham’s old-school milkbar, Daisy’s, offers the ideal hot chocolate for those with a penchant for fudge. The drink is made using fudge prepared in-house. The fudge is poured, generously into your glass and topped with piping-hot milk. It is rich, creamy, slightly gooey and comes served with mini marshmallows.

Lixie Chocolaterie – Lixie Elixir
The boutique chocolaterie in Surry Hills sells high-quality handmade, organic chocolate. Its hot chocolates, affectionately known as the Lixie Elixirs, are of equal quality – rich, smooth with hand-flaked chocolate, also available to buy in the shop. Flavours include orange, peppermint and dark. For those with an insatiable sweet tooth, try something extra on the side; the double-chocolate brownies pair perfectly.

Rustic Pearl – Bowl of Hot Chocolate
Rustic Pearl offers more than a latte cup of hot chocolate – it offers a bowl. Made with Callebaut chocolate, and offered in fragrant orange blossom, it is acceptable to sip and spoon your way through this gallon of chocolate-y liquid.

The Copper Mill – Coconut Hot Chocolate
This Alexandrian spot is not only known for its coffee, its hot chocolates are seriously popular, too. Ahead of the coconut-milk trend that hit Sydney, its coconut hot chocolates are made using Golden Cobra chocolate powder whipped with coconut milk and a dash of regular milk for extra froth. Creamy, addictive and friendly to the dairy-sensitive.

Paramount Coffee Project – Gold Nugget
Known for its rotating international coffee beans and sophisticated décor, Paramount also has a couple of excellent hot chocolates up its sleeve. The Gold Nugget is peanut-butter dulce in hot milk topped with crunchy chocolate honeycomb bits. It also does a limited-edition pumpkin-pie hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and pie crumble.