Former Annandale restaurant Fish & Co. will take a new approach to sustainability when it moves into the historic Rozelle Tramsheds development later this year. The restaurant – which helped drive the trend in the conscious consumption of seafood – will now open with a new design and concept. “We’re expanding from just purely seafood to serving leaf and root, too,” says executive chef, Tibbie Chiu.

The heritage-listed Tramsheds, located on the northern edge of Harold Park in Glebe, is being restored by Mirvac with a supermarket, boutiques, speciality food stores, cafes and restaurants. The brick façade and other historic details will be kept. Former Danks Street Depot chef and owner Jared Ingersoll will open a butcher, deli and restaurant combination in the complex.

Chiu aims to run a zero-waste kitchen. She also believes the Tramsheds will be great for business, with space being a massive factor in the move. “It’s a great way to energise a business, to make a change,” says Chiu. “Being in a historic venue we have a blank canvas we get to design. We can bring in artisanal producers and showcase their products as well.”

Fish & Co.’s slice of the Tramsheds development will also allow it to run educational programmes, including on-site cooking classes for diners who want to make a sustainable shift in their eating habits. There will also be talks and take-home meal packs with recipe cards.

“Seasonality is important," says Chiu of the menu. “We’ll look more at the way people are eating, so we’ll have more share plates introduce more vegetables and sides,” she says.

Chiu says it’s her responsibility to get the message out there about sustainable eating in the hope more people will make informed choices. “We can't carry on the way we are,” she says.

Fish & Co. will continue trading at its current venue in Annandale until the move in November.