Pauly Davelis has spent his entire life immersed in old-school Greek delis and takeaway shops. His parents ran the kind with chicken, fresh chips and lollies by the counter, as well as a fruit and veg section for the hell of it.

According to Davelis, this upbringing was his “apprenticeship”. He’s a hospo boy through and through, with over three decades of learning on the job. Now, alongside business partner Vass Zarafetas, he’s putting his own spin on the family trade with Pauly’s Deli, the eponymous Mediterranean-leaning kiosk in Wetherill Park.

“[It’s food] that I would eat, that I think is quality and that people will enjoy. Nothing fancy, it’s just good,” Davelis tells Broadsheet.

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Every morning, bright and early, Davelis is there chopping veggies and prepping for the day. The menu is simple – and it’s already impressing locals, with early-morning regulars and a lunchtime rushes.

“We’ve got the Pauly, which is a slow-cooked brisket with some mushrooms that we cook in butter and garlic,” Davelis says. “You can’t go wrong with an eight-hour cooked brisket.” That joins the GOAT, where marinated schnitzel – that’s been crumbed and deep-fried – is paired with cheese, salad and a house-made mayo; and the Stallion, a cold-cut sandwich that’s simply “antipasto put into a roll” – find three meats, provolone, olive tapenade, pesto and sundried tomato spread.

Then there’s the Bulk King. A duo of cevapi – kofta-like beef patties courtesy of a semi-retired Croatian butcher, who makes them especially for Pauly's – come stuffed in Turkish bread, together with cabbage and a vibrant serve of ajvar. And the fresh-as Fish Manga is a hot option: prawns doused in honeyed sweet chilli fill a crunchy white roll, with slaw, mayo and the crunch of fried shallots.

Greek sweets make the line-up too. There’s galaktoboureko (a syrup-soaked custard pie), cinnamon-topped cups of rice pudding and chocolate brownies – all house-made and all prime options next to coffee, iced tea or a smoothie.

Davelis is a fixture in the area, and the deli quickly racked up a crew of devotees. Older customers convene to enjoy coffee and a quick feed. On the weekends, people make the trip. “I’m just doing what I enjoy … It’s just nice to see people enjoy the food,” Davelis says. “It’s just a mad feed.”

The lively deli sits alongside other kiosk-style vendors, and there’s shared outdoor seating, adding to the communal feel Pauly’s is trying to create.

Pauly’s Deli
Kiosk 5/1187 The Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park

Mon to Fri 6am–2.30pm
Sat 7am–3pm