Since opening its Five Dock bakery in 2019, Buttercrumbs’ croissants have gained a cult following. On weekends, there are lines out the door from early in the morning, with croissants and other treats often selling out quickly.

To keep up with the demand for its buttery, light and flaky croissants, Buttercrumbs has opened a second bakery. This time it’s in Ultimo, right across from Broadway shopping centre. The space is bigger than the one at Five Dock, with seats for up to 20 people and a large window into the open kitchen so people can watch their croissants being rolled out and baked fresh on the premises throughout the day.

“A lot of bakeries bake their croissants overnight or early in the morning before they start selling. Whereas … we bake throughout the day, so the chance of you coming into Buttercrumbs and having a fresh croissant is pretty good,” co-founder Jae Kim tells Broadsheet. “There’s nothing compared to getting one just out of the oven or one that’s five minutes old.”

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Kim also attributes the success of the business to his talented wife, Youna Choi, who’s the co-founder and head baker. “She’s the one who’s creating all the products.”

He says that while it’s a lot of pressure on Choi, she has started to train other staff – but pastry-making is not an easy skill to teach. “The butter we use is from France and each time, depending on the temperature, the softness of the butter is different,” says Kim. “So … the feeling Youna gets when she rolls a croissant is different every single day, and you can’t really teach that in a textbook because your hands need to feel [the dough].”

The pair’s love affair for croissants began on a trip to Korea.

“We came across a croissant shop called Old Croissant Factory, and there were about 200 people lining up every day. We ended up lining up [for] a couple of hours to try it as well, and because Youna has a background in bakery and she was passionate about making croissants, we thought it would be really great to have a business like that,” Kim says.

At the new Buttercrumbs store, pick up their core range of croissants: plain, almond, pain au chocolat, and strawberry and Nutella. There are also “buttercubes”: cube-shaped croissants with sweet fillings such as vanilla, matcha and pistachio, as well as savoury ones, including garlic, and ham and cheese. Monthly specials also punctuate the menu. Served alongside these baked goodies is coffee by Pablo & Rusty, plus a range of milkshakes, iced tea and smoothies.

Buttercrumbs Ultimo
68 Bay Street, Ultimo

Tue to Fri 7am–3pm
Sat 8am–3pm