North Sydney’s office workers have steadily seen their lunch options improve over the last year with the introduction of a newly renovated food court at Greenwood Plaza. Now, it’s home to Nudefish, a poke kiosk by the boys behind Bondi’s popular Bucket List.

The model is simple (hence the “nude”) but attention to detail is there. “We really wanted to make our poke feel properly crafted,” says co-owner James Nathan.

Alongside the typical poke bases (brown rice or rice noodles) there is kelp-noodle salad and baby kale. You’ll find the usual protein suspects (salmon, albacore tuna and tofu) and diners can top their poke with sesame eggplant or poached chicken.

The alpine salmon comes from Mount Cook in New Zealand and the albacore tuna is from Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.

Nudefish is takeaway only and customers can get their poke made fresh-to-order – or if they’re in a hurry, pre-made bowls are available. Customers can choose from suggested combinations or design their own.

On the recommended menu, Nudefish adds some less traditional ingredients. The Down to Earth includes biodynamic tofu, marinated mushrooms, pickled carrots and tamari almonds. The Pineapple Ponzu Tuna adds green chili, bean sprouts and cashews to the mix.

“We focus on making as much of it as we can in-house,” says fellow owner Tom Walton. Everything from ponzu and mayo to pickles and furikaki-and-fermented-chili saracha is made in the kitchen.

For those who don’t eat raw fish, Nudefish offers aburi-style (raw seafood is briefly seared with an open flame to deep its flavour).

A specialty is the Miso Hot Salmon Broth, which is a spin on ochazuke (a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi or hot water over cooked rice). Steaming miso broth is poured over the bowl, just before serving. It’s then dressed with ponzu and stacked with bean sprouts, pickled ginger, seaweed salad, shredded kale, furikake and nori.

The 12-seat venue was fitted out by Luchetti Krelle (Momofuku Seiōbo, Bar Brosé and Acme). It’s clean and simple. The front shop takes on a fish-like curve and the metallic skin of a fish is re-imagined through galvanised steel.

Customers can also add a house-made, cold-pressed juice, nut-milk shake (with flavours such as kale), water or kombucha to their lunch too.

Nudefish Poke Greenwood
Plaza Level, Greenwood Plaza
36 Blue Street, North Sydney

Mon to Fri 8am–4pm
Sat 9am–4pm