Hubert, Da Orazio, Fratelli Paradiso, 10 William St … with so many of our collaborators inspired by the traditions of the continent, there was no better way to celebrate the final weekend at Broadsheet Restaurant than with a European-inspired feast.

The four restaurants collaborated with two great Sydney bars, which created cocktails to bookend the meal – a Three Grape Highball on arrival by Bulletin Place, and Dead Ringer’s Whisky Noir to finish. Hubert provided the first dish, with head chef Dan Pepperell’s take on Clams Normande, which combines Japanese flavours and French tradition.

“It’s a play on Normande sauce,” says Pepperell, "which is a French fish stock thickened with butter, cream and egg yolk. Our variation brought in kombu to make dashi for unique salty flavours.” Pepperell served the dish with shoestring fries for dipping, and was gracious enough to give us the recipe (below) so you can attempt the dish yourself.

Fratelli Paradiso offered bufala mozzarella with heirloom tomato and melon. The restaurant’s Marco Ambrosino says it’s a seasonal dish with a link to tradition. “Italian food is all about fresh and colourful ingredients from the garden,” he says. Found in many parts of Italy, Fratelli Paradiso’s spin on the classic substituted basil for oregano and compressesd the rockmelon to intensify flavour.

Dead Ringer shared its slow-cooked lamb shoulder; 10 William St provided its popular whipped-bottarga pretzel; and Da Orazio brought its basil, stracciatella tagliatelle.

For dessert, guests were treated to one of Sydney’s most-celebrated sweets, Fratelli Paradiso’s tiramisu.

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“We’ve had [the tiramisu] fixed on our menu for over 12 years,” says Ambrosino. “So we’ve had time to refine it and source the best ingredients possible.”

According to Ambrosino, the star ingredient is quality marscarpone. “It needs to be soft, but not runny,” he says. “Firm, but not stiff.” He also suggests serving a little shot of liqueur with the tiramisu. For the closing feast, Dead Ringer substituted the shot for its Whisky Noir – a stirred-down blend of cold-brew coffee, Singleton Single Malt Scotch Whisky, vermouth and maple syrup.

Here’s the recipe for Hubert’s Clams Normande, served at the Holden Astra European Feast closing party at Broadsheet Restaurant.

Hubert’s Clams Normande
Serves six

5L water
3 sheets kombu

Roasted dashi stock:
5L dashi
1 snapper head, heavily grilled/charred

Dashi butter:
1L roasted dashi stock 1kg unsalted butter, diced 10g xantham gum

Pippies or clams:
2kg pippies or clams A splash of white wine

To serve:
Chive batons chervil and tarragon, finely chopped


Infuse in water at 65°C for 2 hours.

Roasted dashi stock:
Slowly simmer grilled heads in dashi for 30 minutes.
Season with salt if needed. Strain. Freeze any stock you don’t need.

Dashi butter:
Bring dashi stock to a simmer and blend in butter. Thicken with xantham gum using a stick blender.

Pippies or clams:
Put in hot pot and cover. Let steam until open, mix in 3 tbsp of dashi butter and good squeeze of lemon juice.

To serve
Toss through a lot of fine herbs. Chive batons, chervil and tarragon.
Serve with fries or toast on the side.

This dinner and article was created in partnership with the Holden Astra, 2016 European Car of the Year.