Joel Amos is the man behind DRNKS, our favourite place to buy organic, sustainable, small-batch or just plain special booze. After working with wine for 20 years across vineyards, wineries, wholesale, bars, restaurants and retail, Amos decided to channel his experience into an online store filled with things he wanted to drink, hand-selecting all the wine, beer and sake himself. Amos and his partner Frankie Presser’s gorgeous, curly-haired daughter, India “The Chicken” Rose, was born just over two years ago. To her dad, “she’s everything”.

Broadsheet: Tell us about India, what's she like?
Joel Amos: The Chicken? She’s out of control. She’s the funniest and sweetest person I’ve ever met. She already understands so much of the world, and her place in it. She’s an exact replica of her mother, too. A mini Frankie, and that’s a good thing.

BS: How has your work life changed since she was born?
JA: My life changed even before she was born. Your focus completely shifts. Nothing else matters the way she matters, so things fall by the wayside. You can spend hours with her and it feels like minutes.

BS: How has your personal life changed since she was born?
JA: I never had that much of a social life, so the change for me hasn’t been that dramatic. She’s killed our social life. That sounds much worse than it actually is! You end up in a bubble – the family bubble. We don’t have relatives in Sydney, so everything has always just been the three of us.

BS: When she's old enough, how do you hope to introduce her to your love of wine?
JA: She’s already spent time at the family vineyard, and that’s the most important thing I want her to understand; where I was raised, and where her nanna still lives and works.

BS: Has anything surprised you about becoming a dad?
JA: I guess the amount of poo I’ve seen first hand has been fairly surprising.

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BS: How are you spending Father's Day this year?
JA: With my family – my mum is coming too. We’ll be in a park, with good booze, some snacky cakes and my girls.

BS: What’s your best piece of advice for dads with daughters?
JA: Oh man, I hate giving parenting advice. Every dad knows how important their child is, and that their child should come before everything.

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