From this week, those living in the Eastern Suburbs will be able to get alcohol home delivered. At bottle-shop prices. The kicker? Orders can be as small as one bottle of wine, and there’s no delivery fee.

It's all thanks to Booze Hound, a new service launched by the Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop. “A couple of people are doing it, but there aren’t that many people doing single-bottle delivery without a delivery charge,” says Booze Hound’s Gabe McCauley. “We are essentially a bottle shop on wheels.”

McCauley says there’s a definite void in the market when it comes to this kind of delivery service, so he trialed the idea through the bottle shop, advertising in-house under the Bellevue Hill name. The response from customers was positive, but not large enough to make a regular service, so they rebranded it as Booze Hound and everything progressed from there.

McCauley’s aim is to combine good service with high-quality beverages. The team taste every product before it's stocked on their shelves, because of course they do. “We are really into our booze so we aren’t going to give our customers something we wouldn’t recommend,” he says.

The service will deliver wine, beers, spirits and other small additions such as cigarettes and snacks. Booze Hound delivers to the Wentworth electorate and the CBD during the opening hours of Bellevue Hill bottle shop.

Order via, or on (02) 8004 9444.

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