The Rising Sun Workshop is Sydney’s first communal garage for motorcycle enthusiasts, offering an entirely dedicated space for Sydney-based bikers to repair, restore, rebuild and give new life to their two-wheeled machines. Inspired by San Francisco’s Bay Area Moto Shop and London's ‘60s-era Ace Cafe, the concept surfaced via a successful Pozible campaign that hoped to fill a gaping hole in Sydney’s custom-motorcycle scene. The Rising Sun’s preliminary pop-up space has opened in Newtown this month – but don’t feel you need to be sporting biker tattoos, leathers and boot spurs to be welcomed here.

Inside the light-filled workshop you will find a ramen stove and coffee bar staffed by ex Single Origin Roasters duo Nick Smith and Daniel Cesarano. “A cafe component had always been a part of the picture for the workshop,” explains Smith. “One cannot exist without the other.” While Cesarano is focusing on his skills behind the coffee machine, Smith is responsible for ramen, and there are three versions to choose from. The Darkness is a shoyu tonkotsu or pork style broth, where flavours are layered over 15 hours of cooking time, while The Light is more adventurous, blending chicken and seafood. The Monk is vegetarian with miso-cured eggplant.

While noodles, coffee and motorbikes might be an otherwise unlikely trio, each component of The Rising Sun workshop has been thoughtfully designed, cooked or crafted. “We understand that when trying to do things outside the square it takes time, persistence and passion,” adds Smith. “All of which we have.”

Rising Sun Workshop
36 Lennox Street, Newtown

Daily 11:30am–3pm
Dinner Thur–Sun 5:30pm–7:30pm