El Jannah, the Lebanese charcoal-chicken joint, first opened its Granville doors in 1998, delivering roast birds, chippies and salads – and a garlic sauce that competes with the poultry for pride of place. A cult-like following ensued, with a raft of stores opening across the wider Sydney region, Melbourne and our capital city. Finally, the birds are heading north of the Harbour Bridge – landing in Crows Nest.

On Saturday March 2, El Jannah will open doors just down the road from the Crows Nest Hotel, marking the first time the chain’s opened in that pocket of Sydney. "We can't wait for the north shore to taste what real charcoal chicken tastes like," El Jannah's head of marketing Adam Issa tells Broadsheet. Expect the usual affordable-yet-standout Middle Eastern food. Head in for the signature charred birds, house-made falafels, those perfectly salted chippies and that dreamy garlic sauce.

The new spot is a win for Crows Nest, but it's also central to those in Mosman, Willoughby, Waverton and Frenchs Forest – and definitely not the last for the region. "It's a nice little pocket there, but we're always looking for new locations."

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El Jannah opens at 34 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, on Saturday March 2.


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