Fluffy orange cake, towering tiramisu, fried chicken and green minestrone – these are just some of the most-clicked-on recipes published by Broadsheet Sydney. Happy cooking.

Golden Century’s XO Sauce Pippies
This stalwart Cantonese restaurant in the city starts at midday and doesn’t stop until 4am. No single dish has a bigger fan base than these fresh, sweet pippies drenched in house-made chilli XO sauce with a smattering of spring onions.

Black Star Pastry’s Orange Cake with Cream-Cheese Frosting, Iranian Figs and Pistachios
“I love this cake because it works as this simple, hearty, afternoon teacake, but also has this element of elegance and romance. It was created as a wedding cake,” says owner Chris Thé. When quinces are out of season, you can use plums, sour cherries or dried mulberries.

Belle’s Fried Chicken Sandwich
This is not your average chicken sandwich. From Morgan McGlone’s special sauce (its ingredients have been revealed for the first time) to the soft toasted milk buns, it’s so much more than that.

The Apollo’s Saganaki Cheese with Honey and Oregano
The novelty of cheese served still-bubbling in a skillet never seems to wear off. For owner and chef Jonathan Barthelmess and co-owner Sam Christie, The Apollo’s most popular dish is definitely the kefalograviera saganaki. “Who’s not going to like it? It’s so often compared to haloumi, but it’s very different,” says Barthelmess.

Morris’s Green Minestrone
For a healthy and hearty lunch, Paddington’s Morris is a clear favourite. While the soup menu changes daily, locals keep returning to this green soup made with celery, garlic, chilli and stock.

Chez Dre’s Chocolate Hot Cross Buns
Try your hand at creating Melbourne’s Chez Dre’s chocolate version at home – it’s all about decadence and spice.

Shuk’s Shakshuka
Rich, spicy, warm and one of Israel’s oldest breakfast dishes, the shakshuka, has kept the lines long outside Bondi’s Shuk for years. Now you can beat the crowds. “Our vision was to create the kind of meals we would have eaten with our families in Israel,” says chef and owner Yoni Kalfus.

Fratelli Paradiso's Tiramisu
Light, fluffy, creamy, delicious – this is one of the city’s best desserts. "You can tell a tiramisu customer a mile off," says Enrico Paradiso. "And we know all the people who come in on a regular basis and order it. If they don’t order it, then we give them a spoonful just to make them smile." Now you can make your friends and family smile, too.

This article was updated on July 9, 2018.