Ever dreamed of having a home-cooked meal appear on your doorstep, fill your belly and disappear without a dirty casserole dish in sight? How about a slow-braised lamb shoulder or a pork ragu followed by a rhubarb-and-apple tart? Anna Simamora is bundling up flavour-packed, generously portioned dinners that are beyond your wildest takeout dreams.

“I came across many friends who wanted dinner but didn’t want takeaway, and they couldn’t find anything substantial or healthy,” says Simamora, who founded The Floury Baker in July. With 18 years experience working as a professional chef, training in the kitchens of Wokpool and Rockpool, Simamora saw the potential to translate commercial cooking methods into a home-delivery and catering service. She found that using a cyrovac to slow cook and seal meals not only made for great taste, but also meant no washing up.

The Floury Baker currently offers soups, aromatic curries, slow meat and poultry braises, pies, sides, whole tarts and whole cakes. “They’re rustic and they’ve got a lot of flavour. They don’t get finished off with pretty garnishes – what you see is what you get,” explains Simamora. “It’s about being able to sit down and enjoy a meal with your family, hassle free, especially because everyone’s so busy and stressed, with families living mainly on double-incomes.”

All curry pastes, stocks, sauces and pastries are made from scratch with a focus on using local, seasonal produce. Simamora’s main supplier is currently the Cooks Co Op, which harvests produce for same-day delivery from the Hawkesbury region.

Orders can be placed on Tuesday to receive Friday delivery and by Friday for a Monday delivery.


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