It seems we can’t get enough of the ubiquitous burger joint. They’re everywhere. So what is it about Eat Burger that stands out from all the others?

Located a footy’s toss from Cronulla Beach, it’s easy to imagine towelling down after a summer’s day in the water, heading across the park and sinking your teeth into a Wagyu burger with maple-glazed bacon, truffle aioli, tomato jam and pickled red onions with a craft beer on the side.

Owners Kim and Paul Camilleri once ran Balmain’s French Sojourn Restaurant. Paul, also head chef, has a history at Sydney’s Banc and Vic’s Meats in Melbourne. As as a result he has an excellent knowledge of meat. His burger recipe is simple and complete. “Our patties are just two cuts of beef: brisket and chuck, with a bit of salt. No filler, no egg, no spices. So we cook it like a steak,” he explains.

Along with the Wagyu burger, must-try dishes include the sausage and scrambo burger for breakfast; shoestring fries topped with salsa verde, parmesan and lemon; or the vego burger, a spiced chickpea and zucchini patty with pickled carrot, hummus, coriander, iceberg lettuce and house-made sweet chilli sauce. All bread is provided by Brasserie. For dessert there’s soft-serve, a flavour-of-the-day Italian sundae with many toppings, or a rich milkshake with flavours made in-house.

Amber Road Design (who also decorated the nearby cafe, HAM) took the reins for the visuals. The interior design avoids the all-too-common rustic, wooden theme and instead settles for a geometric style with a striking palette of black on white. Tiles and slabs of white-and-grey marble frame the bar and open kitchen, and the furniture is minimalist.

Eat Burger knows its customers. “Cronulla’s different to Surry Hills. There’s a more beachy, family vibe here, and we’re tapping into that,” says Kim. It’s true, the food is sophisticated but it’s designed for the casual diner.

Eat Burger Cronulla
43 Gerrale Street, Cronulla
(02) 9523 6471

Mon to Fri: 11am–10pm
Sat & Sun: 8am–11pm