Cantonese restaurant Duck and Rice is selling dumplings for a buck each Monday night from 5pm to 8pm at its bar and rooftop terrace.

During the three-hour happy hour you can get pork and prawn shumai, har gow, scallop and prawn dumplings, and Chinese spinach and wood-ear mushroom dumplings (you must order a minimum of five). The dim sum is strong here: chef Qing Hua Pi learnt her craft at the now-closed Tim Ho Wan and was principal dim sum chef at Golden Century.

If you are there between 5pm and 6pm you'll catch the end of Duck and Rice's drinks happy hour (it runs 4pm to 6pm weekdays), where a pint or a glass of wine is $7 and house spirits are $9. That means if you buy five dumplings and a drink you'll spend less than $15.

The $1 dumplings are available on the terrace and at the bar at Duck and Rice on Mondays from 5pm to 8pm.