She’s back and, oh boy, should you be excited. If you’re unfamiliar with the exquisite work of pastry maestro Lorraine Godsmark, then here's the back story: while working as a waitress at Rockpool she was lured into the kitchen by Neil Perry. She fast became the head pastry chef, a role she filled for 10 years, and in late 2011, Sydney’s sweet-toothed citizens mourned as she shut the eight-year-old Yellow Bistro & Food Store.

Famous for injecting fuller flavours into classic cakes and delicate pastries, Godsmark has been whipped up by the Hemmes clan and is now a part of the Palings Kitchen & Bar team. This head pastry chef has not merely been relegated to a bench or two. Rather, she’s been given her own open pastry kitchen that doubles as a takeaway shop.

Stop by Lorraine’s Patisserie any time of the day and you’ll see Godsmark and her five chefs beating, stirring and baking her signatures (she tells us her favourite is the rhubarb pie, which of course has already sold out before our midday visit) and experimenting on new tarts, cakes, cookies and slices. The decadent among us should arrive early to try Perry and Godsmark’s famous date tart, while fans of the classics should sample the lemon tart, and we highly recommend the rosebud marshmallow for the gluten-free and sweet toothed.

Lorraine’s Patisserie
Shop 5 Palings Lane, 320 George Street
(02) 9254 8009

Mon to Fri 8.30am–6.30pm
Sat 8.30am–2pm