Down N’ Out is done with pop-ups. This Saturday, the cult burger brand that made headlines for its Pokémon burgers and wild specials will open its first independent bricks-and-mortar restaurant in Ryde.

“Pop-ups have been awesome so far but we really wanted a location where we could fully express ourselves and do the things we really want to do,” says Ben Kagan, one of the co-owners along with Archie Saliba.

Their aim is to completely differentiate themselves from In-N-Out Burger, their initial point of inspiration. Rather than imitating the American chain, Kagan, Saliba and their new chef Adam Cremona (former Miss Peaches head chef) will be focusing on what they’ve become known for recently – creative and at times ridiculous burger recipes.

“Another idea we are experimenting with is breakfast. We won’t be doing this at launch but we have some epic ideas that we feel like no one else is doing.” Kagan is tight lipped about what they are but hints it’ll be junky and heavy – variations on waffles and fried chicken, and bacon pancakes.

The Ryde space will also be the debut for the team’s long-standing dream to get into the milkshake game. “We’ve been trying to do this at our CBD store since opening but logistically it's just not possible. We can't wait to start funnelling our creativity into some cool shake specials,” says Kagan. There are no details yet but Kagan says in the future some might be spiked with booze. “Our liquor licence is pending so you can look forward to some crazy cocktails too.”

As it’s their first independent restaurant, there’ll be a lot more effort put into the visuals. “Ryde is a more refined version of our CBD shop. We have kept the comic book theme and have refined it in a more comfortable, intimate space.”

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The original CBD Down N’ Out in the Sir John Young Hotel will remain unchanged.

Down N’ Out Ryde is opening Saturday September 23.

Down N’ Out
95 Blaxland Road, Ryde

Mon to Sun 11am–9pm